Bronchitis, left for a long time, not properly treated Risk of pneumonia

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Bronchitis, left for a long time, not properly treated Risk of pneumonia.

is a respiratory disease caused by an infection in the bronchial tubes. Caused by viral and bacterial infections. This causes the bronchial mucosa to become inflamed and swollen. Causes a lot of coughing, phlegm, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest. There may be a sore throat, burning throat or chest pain. The patient may have a fever. You can feel trembling, often found during the rainy season and winter. and infected people can be found at every age group 

Bronchitis is divide into 2 types.

•Acute bronchitis (Acute bronchitis) 

Most cases found in more than 90 percent of acute bronchitis cases are cause by viruses. like the flu It usually follows the flu. which has not been treated or behave correctly. This causes the infection to spread down into the windpipe. Patients with a cold who have a cough and sputum for more than 1 week may have acute bronchitis. If symptoms last no more than 3 weeks, treatment should given. or behave correctly from the beginning To prevent acute bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis (Chronic bronchitis) 

It can be caused by allergies, asthma, and smoking for a long time. (Has had a cough with phlegm for more than 3 months – 2 years) expose to pollution such as dust, smoke, or volatile chemicals. Chronic bronchitis This makes patients more vulnerable to bacterial infections. May cause mucus to turn yellow or green.


When the infection enters the respiratory tract or bronchial area This causes inflammation of the bronchial mucosa and increased swelling. This results in narrowing of the bronchial tubes. Air doesn’t flow into the lungs well, making it difficult to breathe. Inflammation causes poor mucus secretion of the bronchial mucosa. Resulting in more ยูฟ่าเบท coughing. Dry cough or cough with mucus similar to the common cold Normally, most of the time, this disease usually goes away on its own within 7-10 days, but dry coughing This can last for weeks or months. In some patients, elderly patients have a lot of coughing. It causes pain in the muscles, chest, and ribs, and may cause the capillaries in the lungs to burst. out into the pleural cavity Until symptoms of shortness of breath occur immediately after coughing. If not treated properly Infections from the bronchial tubes may spread to the lungs. Causes pneumonia (Pneumonia) or acute bronchitis. It may turn into chronic bronchitis. or emphysema Including the risk of being life-threatening. 


Acute bronchitis It usually disappears on its own within 7-10 days if treated correctly.

•Get enough rest. Drink warm water often Because water is the best medicine for dissolving phlegm.

•Avoid smoking, smoke, pungent odors, cigarette smoke, chemicals, dust, various irritants.

•Avoid cool, dry air, which will make coughing worse.

• Should provide enough warmth to the body while sleeping. 

• You should find the cause of bronchitis. Common causes of decreased immunity include stress, not getting enough sleep, and exposure to very cold weather.

•Treat according to symptoms, such as fever. You may take fever-reducing medicine. But if you cough a lot You may take medicine to reduce or suppress coughing. If there is a lot of phlegm You may take expectorant medicine. or phlegm-dissolving medicine