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Alphonso Davis agent reveals possible transfer.

Alphonso Davis has the opportunity to move to Real Madrid football as well. After the 22-year-old left-back has continued contact with David Alaba until now. Nedal Huseh, agent of Alphonso Davis, revealed the possibility of a transfer for Bayern Munich’s Rocket defender, who is the

Joao Felix admits Barca’s tough match against Porto.

Joao Felix admits FC Porto is Barcelona‘s toughest opponent in the Champions League. But it is ready to invade and defeat competitors as well. Joao Felix, the Portuguese attacker, gave his first press conference as a Barcelona player ahead of the game against FC Porto on

Xavi believes Barca are more balanced.

Xavi Hernandez believes his Azulgrana team is more balanced with a good mix of experienced players and young football players. Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez believes his team is now more balanced with a mix of experienced players and young, energetic players than it was a

West Ham accepts £105m and releases Rice to Arsenal.

West Ham have reached an agreement totaling £105m to sell England midfielder Declan Rice to Arsenal. According to Fabrizio Romano, the two teams are still in talks about the structure of the deal. and payment terms. As West Ham want to receive £100m within 18 months.

La Liga eased restrictions this summer.

La Liga is set to ease its stringent measures to allow clubs more movement in the transfer market this football summer. Marca report on Wednesday that. La Liga is set to ease its stringent measures to allow clubs to spend more on the transfer market

Gavani to terminate his contract with Valencia.

Edinson Gavani is set to become a free agent again. As the 36-year-old striker is set to cancel the remaining 12 months of his football contract with Valencia. Derio As reported on Wednesday that Uruguayan striker Edinson Gavani had the chance to terminate his one-year

‘Potter’ tells ‘Chelsea’ very good form – Disappointed

Chelsea manager Graham Potter praised his team’s overall performance very well. But expressed disappointment that the defensive game allowed Everton to score two goals until he missed three points. After winning 3 matches in a row, “Sing the Blues” stumbled again. With Everton 2-2 at home in

Souness is not happy with ‘Arteta’ adjusting the dressing room

Liverpool legend Graham Souness was unimpressed with Mikel Arteta taking the clock from his home pitch. Come and paste it in the dressing room for the away game. And criticizing Arsenal managers often do nonsense on a regular basis. The week before “Cannon” invaded Fulham 3-0, holding