Types of vegetables and fruits can help reduce edema. 

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Types of vegetables and fruits that can help reduce edema.

However, if you try to practice initially and it still doesn’t get better. You should consult your doctor for appropriate treatment. Because edema can occur for many reasons. If symptoms are a result of medication The doctor may ask the patient to stop taking the drug.

These symptoms may cause by สมัคร ufabet edema. And many people often have a misconception that edema is caused by drinking too much water. In fact, drinking water will help create balance in the body and stimulate better excretion. It can also help reduce the amount of sodium in our body through urinary excretion.

Because it may be harmful to the body.

-Tomatoes contain potassium, which helps reduce bloating by reducing sodium levels in the body. 

Helps the body reduce its need for fluids from other food sources.

– Cucumbers contain polyphenols that help expel excess water in the body, reduce swelling, and have properties that help balance water in the body. Including helping to make the skin beautiful. and helps in excretion 

-Avocado is a fruit that has little sugar. Free from fructose and sorbitol, which cause bloating and gas. It also has soluble fiber. Helps our digestion improve. Prevents stomach acid from forming

-asparagus Contains the amino acid asparagine Has a diuretic effect Expels excess water and sodium from the body. 

-Bananas are a high source of fiber and contain vitamins B1, B2. That helps with the metabolism of sugar and fat in the body. This can help prevent swelling from the accumulation of excess fat.

– Watermelon helps reduce the accumulation of bad fat in the body. and contains the nutrient lycopene which is an antioxidant that prevents cancer and vitamin A that helps nourish eyesight It also helps nourish the skin and hair. and helps flush out toxins in the body