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4 eye diseases, dangers close to office workers

4 eye diseases, dangers close to office workers Even though we’re working from home, we can’t avoid using our eyes hard at work. Frequently staring at the screen of electronic devices or for a long time, such as a mobile phone Computer screens, notebook screens,

Causes of dizziness.

Causes of dizziness. Dizziness is usually a common symptom of 2 types:1. Dizziness. You will feel unclear, dazed, wobbly, dull, and have poor balance. Which can happen to all genders and ages.2.Vertigo (Vertigo) is a feeling that things around you are rotating. while staying in

Scoreboard: Chelsea slaughters Newcastle.

Scoreboard: Chelsea slaughters Newcastle. Summary of last night’s football results with match highlights. Week 28, English Premier League, season 2023/24. Chelsea beat Newcastle 3-2 at home and remain 10th in the Premier League. Chelsea defeated Newcastle United 3-2 in an English Premier League match at Stamford

What are AHA?

AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids is a natural extract that has acidic properties. Such as citric acid from citrus fruits and Tartaric acid from grapes, Glycolic Acid from sugar cane, Malic Acid from apples, and Lactic Acid from yogurt for beauty, etc. AHA has used to rejuvenate and nourish the skin