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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Alphonso Davis agent reveals possible transfer.

Alphonso Davis has the opportunity to move to Real Madrid football as well. After the 22-year-old left-back has continued contact with David Alaba until now. Nedal Huseh, agent of Alphonso Davis, revealed the possibility of a transfer for Bayern Munich’s Rocket defender, who is the

Joao Felix admits Barca’s tough match against Porto.

Joao Felix admits FC Porto is Barcelona‘s toughest opponent in the Champions League. But it is ready to invade and defeat competitors as well. Joao Felix, the Portuguese attacker, gave his first press conference as a Barcelona player ahead of the game against FC Porto on

Xavi believes Barca are more balanced.

Xavi Hernandez believes his Azulgrana team is more balanced with a good mix of experienced players and young football players. Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez believes his team is now more balanced with a mix of experienced players and young, energetic players than it was a