Xavi believes Barca are more balanced.

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Xavi Hernandez believes his Azulgrana team is more balanced with a good mix of experienced players and young football players.

Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez believes his team is now more balanced with a mix of experienced players and young, energetic players than it was a few seasons ago. After all, the Azul Grana team has been struggling all along. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Tuesday UFABET 

‘Our team now consists of experienced footballers like Cancelo, Ter Stegen or Lewandowski and young players like Gabi, Balde, Lamine, Firmin. Make the team flow smoothly. The combination of these two will definitely be good for us.’ 

‘I hope Lamine creates an era at Barca but we are not helping him by talking about that. And comparisons with Messi,’ Xavi said.

The Barca trainer also said of Joao Felix: ‘In short, he is happy, very happy, benefiting from a position where he can enhance his talents. He looks for the team and all his talents come out. He’s supportive, considerate and that’s why things work for him.’

Before mentioning Fermin López, the 20-year-old midfielder added: ‘He’s part of the first team. He deserves it. He is enthusiastic I really like him and he surprises everyone. I think he can help us a lot. He has many levels. And if he believes that He will be a Barca player for many years to come. He’s ready.’

Xavi also spoke about Nico Gonzalez, a youngster from Barcelona who moved to play with FC Porto this season. ‘We consider him. He still has to practice. He needs time And we believe that coming to Porto will benefit him. Although there is a lot of competition at Porto, I think he will have the level to play.’