Terzic is confident that Dortmund will perform well against Milan.

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Edin Terzic believes Borussia Dortmund will perform well against AC Milan on Wednesday in a bid to pick up three points in the Champions League.

Borussia Dortmund coach Edin Terzic is confident his team will perform well. When they face AC Milan in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday. This according to a report from Build last Tuesday. 

‘They are talented and excellent on a technical level. UFABET They combine intensity and technique. And they are always in a position to win. We have to perform at a certain level. We have to defend well. But then you have to be prepared for when the competition gets tough.’ Terzic said.

Befaube started the Champions League group stage with a 0-2 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain. But Terzic believes there were still positives to be gained from the game. And expect a different challenge when facing AC Milan. 

‘It will be a completely different match. We had many thoughts and concerns before the game against PSG. We changed our mindset to face the match with more courage. And We could have taken better advantage of opportunities. But we didn’t grab it.’

‘Milan’s way of playing is different. We will have new challenges. And we will try our best. We did well with PSG. We hope to continue on that path.’

‘In the Champions League No match is easy. We understand this from the start of the lottery. Normally 10 points are required to qualify. This is why it’s important to score tomorrow. And home games are important.’

‘Tomorrow Milan will be there. A difficult opponent But we can face them. And the fans will be there to help us. We will put on a great performance.’ Terzic said.