Souness is not happy with ‘Arteta’ adjusting the dressing room

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Liverpool legend Graham Souness was unimpressed with Mikel Arteta taking the clock from his home pitch. Come and paste it in the dressing room for the away game. And criticizing Arsenal managers often do nonsense on a regular basis.

The week before “Cannon” invaded Fulham 3-0, holding the league leader firmly. And after the game it appeared, they took a group photo in the away dressing room. with a clock from the Emirates Stadium,

British News Agency It was revealed that it was Arteta’s psychological plan to make his players feel at home,

however, Souness was not impressed with the implementation of this policy. Writing a column through the UFABET, the elite media,

“I read the news that Arsenal were making a dressing room for the visiting team. To have a comfortable feeling like playing in my own house ′′ ′

′ That made me have to read the news again. to make sure it’s not a joke.”

“Really like this? Has modern football become like this?” “

To sum up, Arsenal players arrive at Fulham’s pitch and find their clocks, photographs and stickers on the walls?

” That’s the strangest thing. and the reason why the story was released It’s only because the team manager is winning ′′

Mikel Arteta, boss Arsenal is doing a great job. “Last

season, Arteta played You’ll Never Walk Alone loudly on loudspeaker during training. To cheer up the team before visiting Anfield ′′

Doing that works really well because in the end, Arsenal lost 4-0

. When I was a footballer When I walk into the visiting team dressing room I don’t want to feel comfortable I don’t want to feel like I’m in my own living room.”

“I am working in enemy territory. And I want to feel motivated ′

′ If at that time I went out to play games. Then found a clock from Anfield pasted on the wall. I’ll laugh out loud. And I’m not the only one doing that either.”