SomSip card game, how to play?

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What is “Somsip card game”?

SomSip Card Game” is a game of matching cards. That must be added together to get ten like the name. Requires many techniques such as guessing the hearts of players probability Mathematicians often have the advantage of playing like this. To play the Somsib game, there must be 2 – 6 players, no more than this. Because otherwise it will result in winning in the game is difficult. สมัคร UFABET

How to play “SomSip card game”

All members are dealt 5 cards in sequential order until they are dealt 5 cards. each and one middle card is placed. The first person has no right to draw a card from the pile. Only have the right to the card in the middle that is touched. Let’s look at your own cards to see if they can keep the cards that are tapped into pairs of ten or not. If so, keep that card up. Then choose to discard one card from your hand instead. But if there is no pair, it says pass for the second person to continue playing.

The second person looks at the card from the first discarded, can collect, can only keep the previous discarded person. There is no right to keep any other cards besides this. or can choose to draw and leaves the cards to the third, fourth, and so on, respectively. When one has two pairs in their hand, one card is left. The remaining cards can be knocked or won as soon as someone discards the pair of remaining cards. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the person who left the previous one. In the event that someone wins at the same time, look at the order of the cards. is to look at the round of cards, who is the queue that has played closest to the person who discarded the most is considered to be the winner

Example of playing Somsip cards

  1. When the players who will play the Som Ten card game complete the required amount will start dealing cards immediately In which each player will receive 5 equal cards each, then there will be 1 face-up card that the middle is called the Joker card, similar to the head card in the dummy game.
  2. When the player has received all 5 cards, they must look at the cards. and match ten cards (You can see how to match ten below.)
  3. During betting the player draws 1 card from the pot at their turn. Or you can keep the cards that other players have discarded. keep doing this to keep the pair of ten
  4. When 3 pairs of tens are combined, the winner will be the winner (6 cards in hand).