Saul Niguez brushed off news of Atletico’s farewell to Saudi Arabia.

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Saul Niguez insists he has no plans to leave Atletico Madrid and wants to stay at Atletico until his contract football expires in 2026.

Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez has insisted. He wants to stay at Atletico until the end of his contract in 2026. But admits decision-making over his future is not solely up to him. single From the disclosure with ‘Diario As’ on Wednesday. 

‘I can’t say anything because no official offer has come to me. Despite what the media says today, I am an Atletico Madrid player and I have a three-year contract.’ Saul said. But I’m ready when the coach needs me.’UFABET 

Saul said. 

‘I feel good, I am ready and this year to start the season. The club continues to grow. And we compete with better players. And that makes us better.’

Saul shows a remarkably positive attitude about his situation. After changing status from being an important player to being a substitute for the past 3 seasons. 

‘If it’s in my power I want to stay until the end of the contract. I’m at home, Atletico is my life. And I’ve been at the club since I was 12 years old. I want to achieve what I’ve been given. It’s not new to me that I have to earn my place in each training session. What doesn’t depend on me doesn’t bother me.’

When asked if he would consider a move away from Atletico Madrid. Saul didn’t deny it, but didn’t make it seem possible either.

‘It’s not up to me, there are parts if I have to choose. It’s much harder to be happier than staying at home. We have to look at a lot of things, the club, the coach and me. If they decide I have to leave, we will see.’

Asked if he would consider a move to Saudi Arabia. The 28-year-old replied: ‘As with any destination in the world. If you are looking for a way out. Leaving was not in my mind. But coming back on the seventh with Atletico to work and show the level I have.’