‘Potter’ tells ‘Chelsea’ very good form – Disappointed

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Chelsea manager Graham Potter praised his team’s overall performance very well. But expressed disappointment that the defensive game allowed Everton to score two goals until he missed three points.

After winning 3 matches in a row, “Sing the Blues” stumbled again. With Everton 2-2 at home in the Premier League,

Potter’s side were on the verge of winning but were substituted for Ellis Simms to equalize in the 89th minute.

The result caused Chelsea to miss the opportunity to overtake ninth place and after the game, Potter gave an interview, discussing the form of his team.

“Today we did very well. And we’re disappointed with the two goals we conceded,” the former Brighton manager told the UFABET.

“We thought we played well enough to get the three points. But in the end, if we do not protect well enough We won’t get results.”

“We lost a lot of one-on-one duels in the box. Which is dangerous And credit has to be given to Everton because they did well on that. But we have to improve ′

′ It’s a disappointing match because we want to win, even though our form of play has many good things. But we only got one point ′

′ We’re doing an attacking game and when Everton comes back. We need to prevent a set piece. and does not allow them to play in wide areas But we could n’t do that


Dominating this game is not easy. We can do that but lost control for a moment And at that moment we conceded a goal.

“Felix was alive throughout the game, Havertz and Pulisic were good. Chilwell and Reiss James were good on the flanks, Enzo and Kovacic helped. Driving the midfield game as well ′

′ Fofana showed great form. and play well Responsible for moving the game But he had to be replaced because of fatigue at the hamstring ′

′ There are many positive things from our form of play. both as a team and as an individual But there was some bitterness because we didn’t get three points ′′

Kante has a name on the bench and ready to play. But this game will be difficult to make a comeback after a long injury.”