Dragon Tiger Helping to choose the betting side accurately

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Dragon Tiger It is very similar to playing baccarat card games. which will differ only by the name of each side in betting from the banker’s side and the player’s side then changed to the tiger side and the dragon side But the principle of card layout is similar to that of a replica that has it all. If you already read the baccarat card layout, then you can play the Dragon Tiger immediately.

read simple cards with online dragon tiger card game

If you’re looking for a guide on how to read the card layout in Dragon Tiger. We’ve compiled a list of simple card layout patterns that often occur during play. They will be together as follows:

Ping pong card layout in Dragon Tiger game

For the card layout . This type is characterized by a pattern in which the resulting cards of the winning side are reversed. Similar to hitting ping-pong, such as the dragon side wins. The side wins, the dragon side wins, the side wins. If there is a result of this card layout. It is recommended to place bets according to the opposite result of the last one that came out. And keep alternating Until the wrong side and then wait for a new card.

dragon card layout

This type of card layout is the result of a side that wins only one side and wins in a row. until it was shaped like a long dragon In this type of card layout, there must be at least 5-6 wins of the same side in a row or more. Because if it is lower than this, it may not be clear until you can guess the wrong card. สมัคร UFABET