5 Secrets of the Dragon Tiger How to win the most profitable

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For those who are looking for good techniques for playing Tiger Dragon cards. In this article, we will talk about 5 tips for playing. Tiger Dragon card game that can actually be used for players to invest immediately. and players will receive new information About the Dragon Tiger game. That you may not have known before. and is a simple technique that we have to leave each other Please understand how it works and details. Which is not too difficult, just read it and can start playing immediately. 

1. View card layout statistics

Viewing statistics , Dragon Tiger card layout For this technique, the player must observe the statistics. or the results table that comes out in each of the past rounds By having to watch only the last 10 rounds only Which side is more off? Then take into account what form it is. Or see which side is drawn less if in the last 10 eyes more than the tiger’s side. Therefore, the next turn should be to bet on the dragon side, etc.

2. Bet according to card statistics

It will look at the statistics of which form of cards were issued in the past. Do they come out together often? If there are 2 draws on the same side in a row, bet on the same side for a 3rd round and then in the next turn bet on the opposite side of the last turn. There will be a chance to win a prize in 2 ways, but should use rollovers to help. Prevent wrong predictions. 

3. Place a rollover bet

The Rollover Technique is a technique that allows players to double their profits and it works in all situations, but it is important to take into account each player’s capital as they are not the same. If the capital is low, it is recommended not to use the compounding method. Because there may be a risk of running out of your lap. Because sometimes the rollover may not be rolled over just 2-3 eyes. It may go wrong up to 5-6 eyes, which people with low capital will not be able to hold the money ceiling and can’t continue playing at all. 

4. You don’t have to play every round.

Of course, Dragon Tiger is a game that can be played quickly. Each turn ends as fast as 30 seconds only. If sometimes players feel that they can’t keep up with the game or unable to calculate. The next turn or the one in progress doesn’t need to be played. Wait for the moment that the players are confident and then play will be the best. 

5. Combining all techniques together

from all the techniques mentioned above In this way, players will have to combine a variety of techniques, all of which are used to play together. in order to deliver the best results. and increase the confidence of investors in betting games. ทางเข้า UFABET