4 eye diseases, dangers close to office workers

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4 eye diseases, dangers close to office workers

Even though we’re working from home, we can’t avoid using our eyes hard at work. Frequently staring at the screen of electronic devices or for a long time, such as a mobile phone Computer screens, notebook screens, or iPad screens greatly affect our eyesight without us noticing. May have serious consequences causing us to have eye disease. And it will affect the period when we get older. The sooner we know and can prevent it, the better. It will help your eyesight to be able to be used easily as usual until your old age effectively.

Which is the disease that will follow if you use your eyes on a mobile phone screen and electronic tools for too long are as follows:

– CVS disease or Computer Vision Syndrome (Computer Vision Syndrome)
is a symptom that often occurs in people who work in front of a computer screen for a long time. for more than two hours or more You will begin to experience eye pain, eye pain, blurred vision and often headaches as well. Found in up to 75 percent of people who use computers.

: Normally, we all have to blink regularly to spread out tears so that our eyes don’t dry out. If we use our eyes to stare at the computer for a long time Often doesn’t blink. This causes eye pain, dry eyes, and a feeling of stiffness in the eyes

– macular degeneration.

It is a disease that is abnormal. Occurs in the center of the retina. It is often found in elderly people aged 50 years and above, so it is called Ageralsted macular degeneration (AMD) in some patients. Symptoms will occur slowly. Therefore causing ufabet https://ufabet999.app the patient to not notice. And some people have symptoms that occur quickly. Causes loss of vision, especially the center image. But the edges of the image can still be seen. Therefore, people with macular degeneration can still help themselves. But you may not be able to do certain activities such as reading, sewing, etc.

Causes of
this macular degeneration It can be caused by many factors, such as people who are very nearsighted. or people suffering from certain infectious diseases But the most common cause is found in the elderly people who believe that it is the deterioration of the body, also known as aging. It is one of the important causes of macular degeneration. But it’s not clear how it happens.

– Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common eye disease. which is very dangerous to the point of complete blindness If not treated or treatment is not consistent will make the field of vision or the width of vision becomes narrower Until he lost all of his vision. The loss of vision from glaucoma is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Glaucoma is a disease in which there are damaging changes to the optic nerve caused by increased intraocular pressure. It is mostly caused by deterioration of the body due to age. There will be deterioration of the drainage channels from the eyeball, causing the fluid within the eye to be unable to drain out. Until there is internal congestion causes eye pressure to rise Or it may occur naturally, such as with medications, accidents, or surgery.

– Vitreous degeneration, vitreous degeneration or vitreous precipitate (Vitreous floater, Eye floater or Floater).

Vitreous degeneration. It can happen when you get older. and may deteriorate faster than normal in people who are very nearsighted or have ever had an accident around the eyes The deteriorated vitreous vitreous becomes liquid, shrinks, and becomes cloudier when light passes through the degenerated vitreous. It will be refracted and make a dark shadow. You will see black dots or lines like cobwebs floating around, especially when you roll your eyes. Looking at a white wall or the sky.

The cause
is from being in front of a screen all day. Whether using the phone, reading books, watching movies, or playing games, we all do it through the screen. Whether through the phone or through television, which causes your eyesight to become damaged from looking at the screen, such as looking at the letters on the screen. Looking at the keyboard letters that must be focused often Therefore causing the eye muscles to work harder causing vision loss.