How good is HIFU? Who is suitable for this method?

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In general, HIFU is a procedure used to treat tumors . The use of this method in cosmetic surgery is often to tighten and tighten the facial skin. Treats wrinkled and sagging skin problems. There is a mechanism by using heat from ultrasound waves to destroy the original collagen in the beautiful skin. Stimulates the creation of new collagen that is more flexible and more abundant than before.

HIFU treatment is suitable for those who do not want to tighten the facial skin through surgery. and those who are not very old This is because the body will repair tissues heated by ultrasound waves more efficiently UFABET

How to prepare for facial skin tightening with HIFU?

Those who want to solve the problem of wrinkled, sagging skin with HIFU should consult with their doctor about the details and side effects of the procedure. Including finding information on reliable beauty salons that provide such services. When deciding to undergo, you should prepare before doing the following:

  • Do not apply makeup, foundation, powder, or other facial creams on the day of the HIFU treatment.
  • Anyone who has a nose piercing or other facial piercing should remove all such jewelry.
  • People with a history of herpes infection should  take antiviral medication for 2 days before undergoing HIFU.