Frozen food safety.

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Frozen food that is continuously kept at 0°C is always safe from germs. This is because freezing slows down the movement of the molecules. Causes microorganisms within food to temporarily stop growing. It is these microorganisms that cause spoilage and food poisoning. But the quality of frozen food may differ from the suitability of the freezing process as above UFABET

In addition, enzymes in food can also deteriorate the quality of food. These enzymes are found in meat. Including fruits and vegetables that undergo chemical reactions before and after harvest. For example, while fruits and vegetables are ripening. But freezing only slows down the action of enzymes that occur in food. It does not inhibit the enzyme in the same way that it inhibits bacteria. However, the action of the enzyme does not cause damage to frozen foods. Such as meat or fish. As for fruits, they contain acids that will neutralize them while freezing. However, most vegetables are low in acid and need to be partially cooked before freezing to prevent spoilage. You can boil the vegetables in hot water or put them in the microwave and immediately soak them in cold water. Before putting it into the freezer.